Sensors to Record Moisture Levels

Click here for the link for the sensors in the raised bed on the bottom yard showing moisture level (all time high), soil temp, and light level.

If the moisture level was very low we see an alarm and the children water the raised bed.  We measure and predict growth for example 1 cm on a curlykale and then measure a week later and record the actual growth, this exercise is a mixture of both science and maths.

Nature Trail

We have put together a nature trail for the children on the school grounds. It highlights all the native trees we have growing around our school. It consists of tree signs to give all the school community a chance to become aware of the trees on their doorstep. Fairy doors have been placed around the trail to make it interesting for the children and to allow their imaginations to run free. We will try to impress on the children the importance of keeping the trail tidy and litter free so that the air and soil around the track is clean and healthy for all the trees, plants and animals. We will also ask them to respect and be gentle with the tree signs and fairy doors. This nature trail was a team effort involving myself as SESE Co-ordinator, Camilla and Roisín-  fairy door artists, Eddie Dalton, Eddie Byrne, and Ann-Marie. The support of our principal Mr. Curtin, school staff and visiting members of the Board of Management Lorraine and Ciara were very much appreciated throughout the project.

It is a work in progress and we hope to add new ideas to the trail in the near future.

Ní neart go cur le chéile

Seamus Hannon

“Some of our students with Ms Corduff and Mr Hannon with their completed bug hotels”

Sketching the Trail